History of the plant

In 1986 Council of Ministers adopted a resolution about starting production of electric-welded pipes of a rectangular and square sections in Pervouralsk. This event was the starting point in “Urals Pipe Works” history.

The decision about starting production of rectangular and square section pipes was caused by economic situation at that very moment – building and machinery fields started to grow in the country.


In 1991 – 1994 the new plant was a state institution and was called “Uraltrubprom”. The name changed after privatization process and became “Urals Pipe Works”, JSC “Uraltrubprom”.

Pipes production is carried out on VOEST ALPINE (Austria) and HOESCH MFD (Germany) machine for electric-welded pipes production. The method used is a high-frequency welding. In 1990 new equipment was bought and launched in 1992-1993, so the resources of the basic equipment is not exhausted.


The first pipes were produced on the 23rd of April, 1992.


In 1992-1993 the economic situation was getting worse and there was less demand for the rectangular and square section pipes. It was decided to update the equipment and start producing round section pipes.

The first round section pipes were produced in 1994. At the same time opportunity to produce rectangular and square section pipes was retained.


In 2005 the two manufacturers merged – “Uraltrubprom” and “Pervouralsk Tubular Structures Plant” (PZTSK). The production areas of the two companies were situated next to each other. Merging was a logical stage in the development of the two plants.


After that production of metal structures based on hollow sections and welded beams was added to “Uraltrubprom” production facilities.


At the beginning of 2007 the production facilities were enlarged. The production of rolled sections steel (c-shaped profile, L-bar, steel channel bar), profiled sheets, road and bridge fences, steel windows, doors and gates, quickly-raised buildings based on steel framework, wall and roof panels of “sandwich” type was added.

Merging let “Uraltrubprom” become a big enterprise in the construction field of Russia. Producing any kind of buildings based on steel frame from the project up to assembling is a new prospective direction of plant development.


Our quality system is certified by independent organization according to ISO 9001:2000. The first ISO 9001:2000 certificate was received in 2001.

Raw material and products undergo visual, mechanical and metallographic controls, are exposed to local heat treatment, ultrasonic and visual control of weld seam and are checked by hydraulic tester. All tests are made according to Russian and foreign quality standards.


Important events

1986 year – USSR Council of Ministers adopted a resolution about starting production of electric-welded pipes of a rectangular and square sections in Pervouralsk (resolution no. 1119, September 20, 1986).

1990 year – Establishing of the plant. New equipment was bought – VOEST ALPINE (Austria) and HOESCH MFD (Germany) machines for electric-welded pipes production. The method used is a high-frequency welding.

1991 year – Official birth of the plant “Uraltrubprom”.

1992 year – Launching of the equipment. Production of the first pipe (April 23, 1992).

1994 year – Round section pipes production was started.

1995 year – Municipal “Uraltrubprom” plant was privatized and became “Urals Pipe Works”, JSC “Uraltrubprom”.

2002 year – The plant received the first international ISO 9002:94 Quality certificate.

2003 year – The plant received international ISO 9002:2000 Quality certificate.

2005 year – “Uraltrubprom” JSC and “PZTSK” JSC (“Pervouralsk Tubular Structures Plant”) announced about creation of the united production complex. The purpose of this merging was to improve financial and general situation of the plants, to cut the expenses and to use resources more rationally. Beginning from that point “Uraltrubprom” JSC became any kind of metal structures and welded beams producer.

2006 year – RGPPU (Russian State Professional and Pedagogical University) started functioning with the “Uraltrubprom” support.

2006 year – One million tons of pipes is produced by the plant (counting from the first pipe produced in 1992).

2007 year – The second production area is opened and a list of products is widened. The production of next products was added: rolled sections steel, quickly-raised buildings, steel windows, doors and gates, road and bridge fences, profiled sheets.

2009 year, 29 May - Start-up of new 25'' ERW pipe mill line.

2009 year - Company obtained Certificate of conformance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 international standard.

2014 year – Start-up of line for casing pipes production.

2014 year - Company's total production since 1992, when the first pipe was produced, reached 3 million tons of pipes.

Innovations and implementation of the new technologies

In 2003 after “Uraltrubprom” JSC initiative a typical series named “Unitek” was worked out by the project company “Unikon” (Kemerovo) together with “PZTCK” JSC (Pervouralsk).

A typical series “Unitek” represents materials for projection with the help of welded hollow square and rectangular sections for building structures. This type of sections is reducing the weight of the building significantly, construct building with the bay width up to 110 meters without any supporting columns, fulfill any architectural ideas. But the most important is the production with the help of this sections makes it possible to increase the reliability of the buildings.

According to GOSSTROY of Russian Federation the number of this series is 1.420.3-36.03.

Human resources

In 2007 “Uraltrubprom” opened a branch of Russian State Professional and Pedagogical University (RGPPU).

All employees of the plant had an opportunity to get an in-service education or training at the plant’s expenses.

According to the plant’s administration, schools based on factories will help to cut shortage of employees.

The main purpose of this Branch is to create educational, scientific, production and administrative structure aimed to provide highly educated workers and to integrate educational and production activities of RGPPU and “Uraltrubprom” JSC.


Development of the company

“Uraltrubprom” JSC stimulates qualitative changes in pipes and construction areas of business and implementing new standards: innovative development of the production capacities, constant improvement of production lines. The main guidelines of the company are:

  • Producing competitive goods, which complies with Russian and international standards and taking over the leading position in Russia and abroad due to the high quality of the products.
  • Studying customers’ needs and producing high-quality goods which are in demand.
  • Careful attention to people, resources and environment.
  • Keeping stainless reputation, partners’ and customers’ trust.
  • Scientific research and implementing new projects in construction area of business.