Metal Structures

Our experience deserves credence. We started production of steel constructions 40 years ago.

Our capabilities for successful solving of your problems.

  • We have our own production of hollow structural sections and shaped steel for steel constructions
  • Design department. Making of basic and detailed drawings.
  • Complete production cycle that includes: making of detailed drawings, manufacturing of HSS, hollow structural sections and shaped steel, metalworking, assembling and welding of constructions, hot galvanizing (upon request), anti-corrosion treating, painting, delivering.
  • Plant production capacity: 4000 ton steel constructions per month / 48 000 per year.
  • Large bays and powerful cranes.
  • Our own vehicle fleet – Scania trucks with 16 meters long semitrailers
  • Experience. Our plant was one of the first plants who started to produce steel constructions from square and rectangular welded pipes.
    In 2009, we participated in the unique project of Ice stadium construction, manufacturing 99 meter span steel arched girder from HSS (Khabarovsk).
    At that moment, it was the longest span sport facility in Russia and CIS.
    In 2011, we successfully carried out a project for Sochi. It was a manufacturing of dismountable steel constructions for Shayba Arena.
    Building bay – 72 meters.



Uraltrubprom have state-of-art, high-production and high-accuracy equipment of famous equipment makers: FICEP (Italy), MAZAK (Japan), DUEMAS (UK), PIEMME (Italy) and others.

The total area of shop floors and office buildings of steel construction manufacturing site is 102 000 sq. meters. Width of each production bay is 24 m while height is 10 m. Large inner space of shop floor allow to freely make steel constructions check assembly, including long-span ones (Company's record is assembling of steel arch with 99 meter long span).

According to independent specialists' research, Uraltrubprom is one of the most well-equipped companies among the organizations that manufacture structural steel constructions.


Design engineering

Company's design engineering department make detailed design drawings. In cooperation with Russian design engineering institutions, company's design engineers tender services for designing of buildings and making basic design drawings considering plant's products.



Steel rolled products go through shot blasting at tunnel shot blasting machine and shot blasting chamber.

After treatment, rolled products is delivered to CNC machine lines, where cutting to size is performed. Also rolled metal undergo correction by rolls and mated at specially designated shop area.
Furthermore, rolled products go through machining for milling, cutting, drilling.

Three portal machines with CNC cutting heads for flat products thermal cutting.

  • Three CNC lines for plate/sheet combined treatment: plasma or gas cutting of plate/sheet to details of irregular shape, drilling or hole punching, part marking and axis line marking by means of center punching according to preset program.
  • Rolled products cutting line with CNC band saw.
  • 3D Laser station by YAMAZAKI MAZAK of rolled products machining, with automatic loading and discharging devices that allow handle stock with length up to 12 meters. This station is designated for rolled products laser cutting.


Assembling and welding of constructions

Assembling and welding section consists of 20 welding stations that are equipped with programmable semiautomatic welders by PHOENIX (Germany) Equipment set for welded H-beam manufacturing also located at this section. Particularly, set include fixture for welding of beams with height of 400~1000 mm and length up to 12 meters. It is possible to produce welded beam with width of 2000 mm.

Electric welding is the major technology process during steel constructions production. Plant use automatic submerged arc-welding and inert gas welding. Welding wire are supplied by European producers only and with increased toughness.

All weld seams undergo compulsory visual and geometric control as well as non-destructive testing by independent flaw detection laboratory. Samples for checking mechanical properties of weld seam are taken from each batch.

Welding of products is carried out by certified welders only with vocational education and NACS (National Agency for Testing and Welding) certificate. Welders' work experience more than 10 years. Assembling is performed by certified assemblers with work experience of more than 15 years. Each assembly is check by Quality control department specialist.


Constructions painting

Preparation of surface for painting is made by tunnel shot blasting machine and by shot blasting chambers.

Painting of welded constructions is performed by means of airless spraying by GRACO (USA) units, that allow to use paintwork materials with high viscosity: zinc-rich, epoxy, polyurethane, etc.

Coating thickness is defined in accordance with project requirements and can be multilayer (up to 150 μm).

Indelible marking is applied by jet stream on each transportation part.

All products is packed in rigid packages that eliminate contact of construction parts with each other. All assembly components are packed into crates.


Hot galvanizing

Uraltrubprom can produce hot galvanized steel constructions. Hot galvanizing is performed upon request at second production site of the company.


Quality assurance

Structural elements' and steel constructions' quality is ensured by production technology and quality control system that uses different devices and machines.

Company's Quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.


Types of inspection and testing

  • Incoming control of coiled products (geometric characteristics, mechanical properties, chemical composition).
  • Ultrasonic testing of coiled and plate/sheet products
  • Laboratory testing (Company's own lab).
  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Ultrasonic testing of weld seams


Contacts of experts

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